Wednesday, October 31, 2012

boot toppers with left-overs

completed cuff. I stopped at 35 rows
instead of 43 on the pattern.
so i am making boot toppers for some friends and myself. and as usual, i found several patterns 
that i liked and as i began to crochet, i totally changed it at will.
the proBLem iS that i have to remember to keep track of my (genius) changes as i go, and let's just say, stopping to log your brilliance really puts a damper on said
i keep a notepad up on my lap top as i go, making it easy for me to one handed jot down what row i am on,
and even better, to make mess free edits on the page the NEXT time that i change it.
which always happens.
as for row counters. who has them just laying around unless you already had them laying around...
so i use a bobby pin or a twisty tie. fyi.

boot cuffs/boot toppers keep your ankles from looking larer than life (no one needs that!)
as a long sock would. So avid all that bulk and whip up some cuffs!
use any stitch that you know how to do! the options and variations are plentiful.
i plan to make some double or triple scalloped edge ones too in a regular wt. yarn so it won't get too bulky. here is your jumping off point:

you can fold them over boot top
Pattern links I began with:
Basic boot cuff pattern
they are the "same" but oddly look radically different...

muff side folded down
hmmm. note to self: yarn work is all about individual tension and interpretation of instructions. :)

or flip them with ribbed side up for a
more subdued look
i think boot toppers are a great way to use up the scraps of yarn from other projects!
who will care!
i don't see any reason why these cuffs can't be two or four in one:
wear them ribbed side up, or muff side up.
or fold them over boot tops ribs up or down!

Hancock's fabrics are having a yarn sale beginning this week, so no mental leap to imagine where i will be going soon!

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