Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caps to chill with~

 Having more fun with the Eddie Cap tutorial (here)

I had a request for an Oliver Twist type material in
this cap...
so i went to my local D.A.V. and found a great tweed
suit coat for $4.50   :)
and it had no center back seam, so it was perfect to
cut up and re purpose!
I had a very nice navy blue lining too, so i just cut
all my pieces with the existing lining.
for the band piece, i used the bottom hem of the coat...
it even already had interfacing in it. :)
i made this for an adult guy, so I had to enlarge the patten.

fyi-i used a 14x14" square. and adjusted the angles
around the hexagon to measure 6" each side.
my band finished size was 23" so with ease and seams,
it was cut at 25".
i did cut the bill the same size as the original.
let me just say, this was fast.
easy. and rewarding.
i will add pictures of the cap with the actual recipient
when i have them to add, but since i just sent them off,
i just posted these for now.

i highly recommend this tutorial.

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