Saturday, November 24, 2012

twin polka dots for fall

sometimes the fabric just tells you what to make out of it.
when i saw this material i knew it was for Alyvia and Jude.
fun velvety polka dots on a golden satiny fabric. wow.
and i loved the bordeaux color with it... adding a richness
and depth.
so i made a cute bubble dress mixing a party dress pattern
with a tutorial i found here for making a bubble skirt to guide me along.
since Alyvia and Jude are twins and are now walking everywhere,
i wanted these outfits to not only co-ordinate but also to be easy for them to wear -
forgiving, but very special. i cut the fabric for Jude's VEST (tutorial here), so that i had
just the polka dots that i wanted without the feminine look of the lacy
motif that was also on the fabric.
I love double top stitching on a vest to add to the professional look.
I used "heirloom" buttons from my Yiayia's old sewing caddy.
this is something that i love to do as a very personal thoughtful touch
in this impersonal cookie cutter world, to put a little piece of me
in clothes for the babies in particular.
of course, once i had bothered to cut the fabric so that the dots

continued their pattern across the chest, i had to sew the button
holes in where the buttons would BE the dots. :)
had to.
this vest is reversible as i cut the lining fabric for lining the entire
thing, not just the sides.
i also made matching binky clips for them to use.
and since Alyvia's dress ended up so vavavavoom, i thought Jude would
want a little something more than a vest from Aunt Karen, so I made
this fabulous hat!!! the Eddie Cap tutorial i found here
(more hats from this pattern to follow.:)
again, i used heirloom vintage fabric from Yiayia. This yummy green velvet.
:) hard to sew through so many layers. but worth it.
the color choice was inspired by Jude's eyes. :)
they were so cute Thanksgiving day wearing their new outfits!


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